Orno, the Latin root of the word ornament, is to decorate, honor, or distinguish. 

An architect by training and originally from the Middle East, I've always been fascinated with the elaborate geometries in the art and architecture of the region. Each piece in the Orno collection draws on this interest in geometry and how it has been used to shape and adorn objects over the centuries. I first started experimenting with wooden jewelry while I was studying architecture at McGill University. I found a beautiful piece of walnut in the wood shop and decided to make a pair of earrings with it, nearly sawing my fingers off. Eventually I moved to using a laser cutter to carve more intricate patterns, and launched my first collection of wooden jewelry at the Society of the Technological Arts in Montreal in 2006. After taking a metalsmith class at a local visual arts center, I started designing pieces in Rhino3D and printing them in wax. I graduated with a masters in architecture in 2009, and one month later launched my first line of sterling silver jewelry. The silver collection continues to have a strong geometrical influence but also draws on new experiences. The pieces are delicate, elegant, and easy to wear.